famous ghosts

The Legend of Picnic Table #29 in Griffith Park

Our friends at Oddity Odysseys have a special Halloween video about the very tragic & haunted Picnic Table #29 at Griffith Park in Los Angeles. There could be more than just ghosts haunting this spot. Check it out!

Ghost Hunt: Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles

On August 28th, 2014, the Ghostly Activities Duo investigated Hollywood Forever Cemetery for possible paranormal activity. Our investigation focused on the most haunted areas of the cemetery, like the graves of Clifton Webb, Marion Davies, Virginia Rappe and Tyrone Power.

Robert – America’s Most Haunted Doll

Robert is America’s most haunted doll and he has the most consistent paranormal activity. If you break any of his 3 rules, you will get quite a shock. Robert always lets you know when he’s not happy with you.

Ghostly Spotlight: Al “Scarface” Capone

Al Capone is still with us. His physical body may have died, but his ghost haunts Chicago. In life, he was tormented by his own doings. In death, he visits 3 locations across the United States.

Ghostly Spotlight: The Italian Bride

The Italian Bride, Julia Buccola-Petta, died in 1921 during the birth of her first child. She married young to an Italian boy from her neighborhood on the west side of Chicago. Julia’s mother, Filomena, disapproved of the boy’s family and she blamed him for her death. She didn’t allow Julia…

Was Zak Bagans Attacked by an Old Hag?

We’re currently reading “Dark World” by Zak Bagans and he describes a ghostly encounter in the first part of the book. What he describes sounds like an old hag or something very similar. Let’s analyze his description of the events and decide if it’s an old hag or something more…

Ghostly Spotlight: The Bell Witch

Never scorn a woman. It can create a rather unpleasant experience, as John Bell found out in the early 1800s. You see, John met a very nice lady, Kate Batts, who had a bit of a temper. He tried to break off the engagement, but Kate was stubborn and wouldn’t…

Ghostly Spotlight: Lizzie Borden

You know her: You love her. This axe-wielding, psycho bitch has inspired plenty of horror movies and nightmares. She also really lived and breathed, unlike the Bloody Mary urban legend. Lizzie grew up in Massachusetts in the late 1800s. She was the daughter of a well-respected banker, Andrew Borden. Her…

Ghostly Spotlight: Bloody Mary

Most Americans know about Bloody Mary. As the legend goes, you say her name 3 times in a mirror and she appears to kill you. There’s more to Mary than just preteen shenanigans. That Bloody Mary is an urban legend that began in the 1960s. Let’s explore the ghostly side…