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Fixing Server Problems


So, I’ve had problems with the mobile web pages again. It’s a technology called AMP (accelerated mobile pages) that Google usually requires to show up on your phone.

They’ve created problems in the past and I’ve had to remove them. It’s been happening again. Since I can no longer rely on the technology, I’m removing them. That means you may see some strange errors on your phone. In time, they’ll clear and you’ll get a desktop version served.

Thanks for understanding and your patience while this gets sorted out.

Take care,


Moving Doldrums

Hi gang. I’ll be offline for a while because I’m moving a few counties over from Seattle. Still staying in Washington state. My other half and I found the ideal house so we went ahead and bought it. I’ll be back around the middle of August.

Though it’s odd to move during a pandemic.

Take care,


Server Problems Solved

Hi gang,

Over the next week or so, you may get some wonkiness with the site. It’s due to the mobile web page technology called AMP. Google uses it so web pages load faster on your phone. Anyway, it’s only given me problems. So, I’m removing them.

That means you may get some 404 errors, which says the page isn’t available. It is, but you may have to ask for the desktop site.

Just so you know…the desktop pages are WAAAAAAY better than the mobile version. In time, the search engines will work it out.

I’m just relieved to be done with AMP. It wasn’t the best tech for all the pictures, videos and sound I had on the site.

Take care,


2 Million Visitors!

Hi gang! I just wanted to say “THANK YOU!” to the 2 million readers who’ve stopped over the past 7 years. I never thought would be more than a little ghost hunt and gadget site lurking in the dark corners of the Web.

Saleen and I want to say how much we appreciate you, our readers. We have been humbled by this milestone, and we hope to keep the ghostly goodness coming for 7 more years!

Thanks again!

Saleen & Jake

Eerie History Launches

Hi gang. I’ve launched a new site to kill (pun intended) time until I can ghost hunt again. It’s called Eerie History and it focuses on macabre historical events, people and places.

To spice up a boring report, I’ll re-create scenes and hyperbolize the horror factor. Don’t take it as a faithful re-telling. You could consider it historical fiction, though.

There’s not much published yet. Just a homepage, contact form and welcome post. But the first historical tale to tell is the story of Albert Fish, a child serial killer.

Told ya it was macabre.

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