Articles by Jacob Rice

404 Errors on Mobile Phones

Hi gang, I’ve seen message about 404 errors for the mobile phone pages. Unfortunately, there’s a bug in the program that makes them. I’ve removed the software. In time, you’ll get a version of the desktop pages to read. For now, please use the link in the 404 page to…

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Ghost Story | Snoqualmie, Washington | Part 1

A young married couple moves into their dream house in idyllic Snoqualmie, Washington. But, things change when a ghost begins to terrorize them and their cat. This is part one of a six-part series on the haunting in Snoqualmie.

Paranormal Research Manager Duties

Paranormal research managers have one of the hardest jobs on the team. They have to find why a place is haunted, and who the ghost was in life. Find out what it takes to be a research manager.

Paranormal Lockdown Review

Paranormal Lockdown, a ghost-hunting reality TV show, stars Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman. In each episode, they stay at a haunt for 72 hours to collect ghostly evidence. Here’s Ghostly Activities’ take on the show.

Salt | A Ghostly Protection Go-To

Salt. It can put a whammy on ghosts and evil spirits. If you ever need some last-minute protection, pour a protective circle and get inside it.

The Boogeyman | A Personalized Fear

The Boogeyman. It’s a nasty child-stealing spirit that haunted us for years. Get a glimpse into what makes it tick and how to protect your children.