About the Ghostly Activities Duo

About the Ghostly Activities Duo

Ghost Activities Duo

Our story really isn’t special. One day in December 2009, we decided to act on our life-long curiosity with ghosts and Ghostly Activities was born. Both of us had watched endless hours of those well-known paranormal investigation shows and Jake had read more than enough books on the subject. We simply thought, “Why not? We’re not getting any younger.”

We’ve been documenting our investigations on the blog. We also post any information new investigators might need. We try to keep the blog content as accessible as possible for anyone who stumbles upon it. But, we’re very geeky and, sometimes, we get carried away with details.

As for our investigations, we no longer ghost hunt at private residences. We only investigate public places, once we have permission to do so. We usually hunt in Chicagoland and Seattle. If you want to find a paranormal research group in your area, please use this link: http://www.paranormalsocieties.com/usa-paranormal-groups.cfm

We recommend these ghost hunting sites if you want to learn more about ghost hunting.

Thanks for reading our blog – Saleen & Jake

Legal Disclaimer

Certain parts of this site deal with activities that could lead to personal harm. Ghostly Activities does not accept liability for any injury, loss, legal consequences or incidental or consequential damage incurred by reliance on information or advice provided on this site. The site’s information is a collection of American folklore, legends, myths and personal experience. It is for entertainment purposes only.

Images & Content

We only claim the ghost hunting pics. The other images on this site aren’t ours. We found them by searching Google, Bing, Pinterest and Flickr. When we search, we look for ‘Creative Commons,’ ‘No License Required’ or ‘Labeled for noncommercial reuse’ from the filters. If you want us to take down an image, it’s no problem. That means you, as the image creator, need to update the metadata on your host page to say images need a license. If we found it as a free image, then a lot of other people found it, too.

As for the text and articles, you can use it, just drop a reference with GhostlyActivities.com as the source.

As for our ghost hunting pics, you’re free to use them—just source our site. Now, go spread the fun of ghost hunting!

Non-commercial Site

This is a non-commercial site. We don’t accept advertising. We don’t exchange links. We don’t review products unless we bought them ourselves. We just love ghost hunting and want the world to know.