2017 Ghost Hunting Trends

2017 Ghost Hunting Trends

Saleen and Jake sat down to discuss ghost hunting trends for 2017. What will the next year bring for the paranormal research community?

Let’s start with all the reality ghost hunting shows. We know Ghost Hunters ends on Syfy after 11 seasons. Do you think this is a trend across the other cable networks?

Saleen: I don’t know if there would be a reduction in the number of shows. As long as there’s interest and viewers, I can see some shows running longer.

For me, I’d like to see more recreation shows or a new format. The current setup hasn’t changed over the last 3 years or so. I mean you can only take some many closeups of an investigator yelling “Oh my god!” before it gets old.

Jake: I think so. Most of the shows use the same structure and it’s getting stale. I bet there’ll be more haunting shows with recreations than the investigation ones. With recreations, you can add more drama and suspense. They’re scripted TV. I have no idea which on-air show will get canceled next.

I would like some of the ghost hunting shows to move to Netflix or other streaming channel. It would be great to see more research and preparation for an investigation. I think a channel like Netflix would allow more flexibility in the narrative than a cable network would allow. Plus, you could make them scarier because no one wants to see you sit and ask questions into an empty for an hour. It’s supposed to be entertainment after all.

I do think it would be great if there was a paranormal documentary series. You could see what’s it like to do a real paranormal research, which isn’t exciting to watch, but very informative.

Do you think there’ll be a major paranormal discovery in 2017?

Jake: Saleen’s the precognitive one, so I’ll let her go first.

Saleen: (laughing)I bet someone will find a cryptid rather than ghosts. There’s a lot of research around ocean depths and remote jungles: I wouldn’t be surprised if the major paranormal discovery deals with a new animal species.

Ghost hunters and paranormal researchers find ghosts quite often. If someone could generate a haunting and repeat it, then we’d have our big discovery.

Jake: I think we’ll get more advancement in paranormal tech, but I don’t know if we’ll finally capture evidence of a haunting that science will accept. I’d be thrilled if someone recorded a ghost portal opening.

Do you see any trends with ghost hunting equipment?

Jake: The devices are getting smaller, lighter and more nuanced. For example, the EDI measures temperature, EMF, vibrations and it has a built-in recorder. Next thing you know, it will have an EVP collection unit in it. It will be the only thing you need—a paranormal test unit—in the field.

I think we’ll also see advances with full-spectrum and thermal imaging. Along with that, I bet the prices come down and you can buy them for less than $300.

What have you noticed about ghosts manifesting over the past year?

Saleen: I can sense and feel them better. Now, if I sense a ghost nearby, I get a better look at it with my psychic abilities. This isn’t just from practice. Really, they manifest stronger now. I’m based in Chicago and the spirits are more active than ever!

Jake: They’ve become much stronger. A few years ago, we’d capture an EVP 10% – 20% of the time. Now, we get them 50% or more of the time. Apparitions tend to be elusive, but we do see more shadow types in visual evidence. I’ve also noticed EMF readings have increased and cold spots became colder than the average 5°f – 7°f change. These drops also happen faster. I don’t know why—It could be more ambient energy from all of our personal electronics or the equipment is much more sensitive—but paranormal activity has increased. But, you could say that’s also because I live in Seattle and it has a big ley line running through it.

Have you noticed any disturbances in the psychic and astral realms?

Saleen: The psychic realms is always in a flux because it’s powered by human mental energy and well as some unknown forces. I have noticed more changes in the astral realm. It may have something to do with the anxiety around the speed of change in the world. From immigration to technology, we are seeing things shift far faster than anyone thought. These changes create a lot of negative energy and I sense that’s what drives stronger and more frequent ghost manifestations like Jake mentioned.

Ghostly Activities will continue to update you on any trends they see in the next year!

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