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Hi gang,

We’re going back to some of our earlier articles and updating them. They’re from the time the site was on Tumblr. Each article will get new images and meatier ghost hunting content.

Some these articles include:

…and a few more.

So, if you don’t see brand new posts for a few weeks, that’s the reason.

Thanks for reading!

Take care,

Saleen + Jake

Ghost Hunt | Port Gamble, Washington

On Saturday, April 21st, Ghostly Activities and AGHOST teamed up to investigate 2 haunted locations in Port Gamble, Washington. Get the scoop after the jump.

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Ghost Hunt | Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery in Seattle

Ghostly Activities investigated the Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery in Seattle, Washington on Friday, April 13th. Our goal was to capture apparitions of Civil War soldiers. Get the scoop on if we found any after the jump.

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Ghostly Podcasts Coming Soon!

Hi gang,

Just letting you know that we’ll post podcasts to our site beginning this week. For now, we’ll turn our old series of ghost hunts, reviews, favorite haunted places, and famous ghosts into podcasts. If we get good feedback (from you!) about them, then we’ll post them to iTunes, SoundCloud and LibSyn for others.

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Ghost Hunt | USS Turner Joy in Bremerton, Washington

On March 3, 2018, Ghostly Activities investigated the USS Turner Joy, a naval ship museum, in Bremerton, Washington. We investigated four haunted hotspots on board. Our report follows.

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Phantoms | Ghosts Triggered By Tragedy

Phantoms are ghosts that manifest for a very good reason: They want to protect you from harm. Get the scoop on these helpful ghosts after the jump.

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Ghostly Vehicles | Haunted Cars, Ships, Planes and Trains

Ghostly vehicles include cars, planes, ships and trains. You can find out why a vehicle becomes haunted and how to get evidence of a phantom craft. This is the beginning of our series on haunted vehicles. Look for the tag, ghostly vehicles, to retrieve more info.

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Ghosts | An Earthbound Essence

Ghosts. In many cases, you don’t even know they’re around you. Find out what a ghost is, how it manifests, and similar supernatural entities.

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Hi Gang,

Saleen and I launched five years ago this January. We started off on Tumblr, but moved to our own site about six months later. We’re about to cross 1,000,000 visitors over that time, so we wanted to say ‘Thanks so much!’ to all of the people who’ve stopped by and shared our ghost hunts, stories and tips.

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Black Dogs | More ‘Boo!’ Than Bite

Black dogs. Spectral hounds. Ecto pooches. These pups can guard a haunt with the ferocity of a rabid German Shepherd. Or they may want a hug like a Bichon Frise. Get the scoop after the jump.

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